My name is Stacy Holbert and I am a portrait photographer serving seniors and families in the NW Arkansas area. I love to create jaw-dropping custom portrait art! Are you looking for unique and creative photos that express your personality, capture attention and garner that Wow response?  You have found it!  I provide a creative photo experience that highlights your unique interests, hobbies and passions.  I don't just take pictures. I capture memories and create art!  

We will spend time prior to your shoot discussing your interests and designing a photoshoot experience that you will enjoy and will produce family heirlooms that you will treasure for a lifetime!

‚ÄčI hope you enjoy browsing my website! If you have any questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Arkansas Senior & Family Photographer


Just a small town girl.

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Your senior year is a once in a lifetime experience and your senior pictures are an investment to memorialize this special time in your life. Let's tell your unique story and make your pictures as special as you are! We can capture traditional portraits but also creative photos that incorporate your hobbies and interests, such as sports, hunting, band, cheerleading, golf, chess...anything you can imagine!  Let's discuss your vision and create stunning images to capture these special moments in time.


Kids & Family

Whether it be family, couple, children or pets, photography is an investment to preserve those special moments in time to remember forever. Time passes so quickly! Precious moments are fleeting. Babies are teenagers before you know it! Teens grow to adults and leave our nests. I would be honored to help you memorialize this special time in your lives.


Because you're worth it!  Isn't that what L'Oreal says?  Well, you are!  


Anything you can think up, from flying with a drone to sports composites, we can make it happen. Let's discuss your vision!

Basic - $150

Session options

One 8x10, one 5x7

1 outfit

Typical Duration: 1 hour

Studio Location, inside or out

Signature - $300

Grand - $500

Premier - $1100

$200 print/product credit

up to 3 outfits

Typical Duration: 2-3 hours

Studio Location, Inside or out
plus another location within Booneville

$500 print/product credit

up to 4 outfits

Typical Duration: 3-4 hours

Multiple locations around Booneville, plus Mt. Magazine or other similar.

$1100 print/product credit

unlimited outfits

Typical Duration: 6 hours.
can be spread over multiple sessions.

Multiple locations around Booneville plus your location.
(travel fees may apply)

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